August 29, 2008

Callie's Death

Another loss. I put Callie down on the 26th. She'd been vomiting for the previous 24 hours. The nite of the 24th the bed was vomit soaked. Washed all bedding and put it back together on the 25th. Then on the 26th, at 4AM, I awoke to more vomiting. Bed was a mess again.
I held her, she was weak, listless. She was suffering.

I found a vet in Kingman, AZ; got to vet at 6AM and by 8AM I had her put down. X-rays & ultrasound visualized a large abdominal mass which had finally grown so that it blocked her small intestine, thus the vomiting.

She was a trooper to the end. On the 24th, we'd walked approximately three miles together, from Grand Canyon's "Trailer Village" to the El Tovar hotel and back.
She kept up with Reilley and I as usual. Reilley in the lead, me in the middle and Callie trudging behind, but always keeping up. Was it the altitude (7k feet) that finally kicked the ab mass? I'll never know.

She was so incredibly special. And I'm eternally grateful that she did not pass sooner. I could not have taken it last year. Not at all, after Lexi's & Gan's passing.

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