May 02, 2014

Prayer Written for my B'Nai Mitzvah Class

Marsha & I are taking a B'Nai Mitzvah class, with our Bat Mitzvahs scheduled to take place Saturday, July 26th (2014).
Our Temple, Beth Chayim Chadashim ( happens to be the very first, yes folks, the world's FIRST gay and lesbian (and bi and transgender) Temple in the world.
Rabbi Heather Miller who is leading our class has asked us to create a prayer.  Easy for me because I pray to G-d daily, several times a day.  
If you've read some or all of this blog, you'll find several prayers which I've written over the years. Here is a new one:

My Dearest G-d
Barauch Ha'Shem
My Dearest G-d
Yod Hai Vov Hai
El Shadai
Ha Shem
Help me to love You with all my heart and soul.
Help me to realize that loving You is the MOST important thing in my life.
Thank You for my life, for my wife - the woman who completes me -
for my health, home, family, and friends.
Thank You for the Creation of this Dear World.
Thank You for making me a Jew, for creating me in Your image, and for sustaining me in all that I do.