April 19, 2013

I used to wallow in time

Time.....a commodity 
a cognitive construct 
a shaping of reality
a shaping of sanctity
a figment of our imagination

too little
too late
right on
not enough
too much 
does anyone ever have too much
what to do with it all
too busy
just enough

When I am with you
there is never enough
When I am with you
it is suspended
in the exquisite 

When I am not with you
I wait
I long for....breathless
I hunger for....breathless
time with you

I used to wallow in time
some days it felt oppressive
the   l-o-n-g   s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s
of sorrow

The sorrow is long past
its intensity will not enable

But it now enables 
glory in Gratitude
for my Time with you

April 07, 2013

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel......Siddur Extracts

Below are two beautiful pieces I encountered in my Siddur at yesterday's Saturday Morning Service;
written by Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel.

We are a people in whom the past endures,
in whom the present is inconceivable without
moments gone by.
The Exodus lasted a moment, a moment enduring forever.
What happened once upon a time happens all the time.

A thought has blown the market place away.
There is a song on the wind and joy in the trees.
Shabbat arrives in the world, scattering
a song in the silence of the night:
Eternity utters a day.