September 27, 2008

State of Affairs

Gambler, hot head, hot shot who destroyed 3 planes prior to finally being shot down. I knew men who flew hundreds of the same missions without such drama. He keeps showing us that he only knows how to fight. He is old, he is unwise; he is always, was always, will always be about the show. The bravado. Which is why he picked Palin. No substance.
Cool, perfectionist, highly intelligent, excellent manager who has executed at a high level his entire life. He will continue to do so.
No Drama/Vote Obama!
Hillary's Wall Street Journal piece does justice to her intelligence and compassion. Stop the usurous rise in interest rates, and this will help save homes. She will be well used in Apricot's cabinet.

Back from Alaska. Pretty sites, not beautiful; except for the glaciers. Topaz blue, and a wonder to behold. Cruise food becomes dull. I need to be able to cook for myself.
Since home, I've begun to feel once again, an ever so slight shift in my perspective regarding my emotional self.
I am bearing the losses better, without as much depression. Lexi is with me daily, helping me realize that I must keep on dancing.

September 09, 2008

Callie Sighs

I wrote this sometime in July 2008, about 1 month before Callie died.

You are 13.5 years old this month. "Old as dust" as you were recently called by the young man leaving for work in his Hummer. (Oh his carbon footprint.)
The sighs you emit sound as old as dust.
Sighs of contentment began emanating from you at about 5 or 6 years old. At least that's what I took them to be. You would heave a lengthy sigh when we snuggled in for sleep, or when I'd pick you up in my arms, bring my face close to yours and kiss you.
You are sighing now; or is it purring? Like a cat; each breath in and out contains a sound that can only bespeak utter contentment.
Your sighs, these sounds are purposeful; as if you want me to know that you know you are loved.
Your sighs contain the collective love, affection, holding, feeding, daily walks, running away explorations, racoon adventures, even deer attacks of your 13.5 dog years.

I am so very grateful (KOSZONOM) that you grace my life.