February 16, 2011

The Perfume of Valentine's Day Flowers

Valentine's Day flowers given to me
not by a lover, my spouse, even someone
wishing to be my lover
but by one of my dearest friends

Whom I speak with daily, who knows my
inner heart
mind and

Who honors me with words of appreciation,
love and more love

Who honors me by sharing his heart, mind and soul
the particulars of his life
who loves food as I do
and cooks
who loves music as I do
and listens.
Who shares my love of
the perfume of flowers
the fur of cats
the kiss of a woman.

Who loves Judaism as much as I do; more because
he has been a Jew much much longer than I.
Who trusts me with his life
and I mine to him.

What incredible fortune to have such a soul mate
such a help mate
to puzzle out these last years of our time here

from whom I receive Valentine's Day flowers.